Dance is Digital - Dance Video Production

This project runs under the company Rainy Dawn Entertainment SRL. (RDE)

What is Dance is Digital?

Artists need more financial support and an easier production process that does not get them into copyright infringements or requires them to pay insane amounts for production.

We will try to solve that!

How does it work?

Collaborator creates choreography & dances to music RDE provides.

RDE will film, edit, produce and publish the video.

RDE promotes you as a dancer/choreographer (school name, website, links, etc.) on their official social media plattforms & website through the video.

All video profit is shared 50% Artists / 50% RDE.

PROMOTION: 100% of video profit goes to the artists. (in case profit is generated)

RDE reserves the right to use the video in future projects.

The entire process is free for the artists.

Why do we do it?

Coming from a family of dancers and choreographers, I know the struggles of producing performances and the budgets needed for productions. Furthermore, sadly, Romania is a country where it is tough to make a living with art and dance, in particular. This is the reason why all of our productions will target international audiences. The final product will be in English and tailored to the American audience, where the potential resources are higher. My background and passion as an IT guy, geek, and dancer/choreographer (salsa mainly) are the engines behind this project.

Contact us and get started!

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